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  Death & Dying References

Excellent articles and references for end-of-life care and insight into the process of death and dying.

Letting Go: What should medicine do when it can't save your life?  The New Yorker: Gawande

That Space Between Life and Death  Daily Kos: Exmearden


  Health & Healing

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies (top of page)

Started in 1979 as the Center for Shamanic Studies, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies presents the world’s foremost training programs in shamanism and shamanic healing.  They are based on the pioneering work of anthropologist Michael Harner, who brought shamanism to contemporary life in the West after extensive field and cross-cultural investigation, experimentation, and personal practice.

The Hoffman Institute Foundation (top of page)

Emotional learning that occurred early in our lives largely shapes our adult experiences.   Negative aspects of this conditioning can produce unwanted outcomes and self-defeating behaviors in our adult lives.  Hoffman teaches how to release and resolve the persistent negative feelings of being unloved and unlovable.   The ultimate aim  is to help reach forgiveness and acceptance.  Whether you choose the Hoffman Process as a rite of passage, a journey of self-discovery or a way of laying to rest the ghosts of your childhood, there is no doubt you will experience a future very different from your past.

Ian Watson Consulting and Seminars (top of page)

The basis of Ian's work is self-healing and personal transformation, and he starts from the premise that you already have within you everything you need to live a healthy, creative, fulfilling and authentic life. His role as facilitator is to remind you of what you already know and to assist you in aligning yourself with the source of your own inner wisdom and self-healing capabilities.

Ian's work is quite insightful, informative, and sensitively respectful.  I personally recommend his individual consulting services AND his many very reasonably priced seminar recordings.   Click here to listen to samples of his seminars.   If you decide to make a purchase, please be sure to do it through this "listen to samples" link. 

Jason-Aeric Huenecke (top of page)

Jason-Aeric’s mastery of two different and profound healing arts was possible because he began studying at such an early age. Mystically inclined as a child, he loved nature, art, and creative play and read everything he could find regarding mythology, world religions, and spiritual traditions.  Jason-Aeric’s personal healing journey and spiritual development are intimately connected with his practice of healing, spirituality, and transformation.

  Homeopathic Remedies, Herbs, and Essences

Helios (top of page)

In an ever changing world, we remain committed to producing homeopathic remedies to the traditional Hahnemann technique of hand trituration and potentisation and employ qualified homeopaths to almost all staff positions.  This ensures our customers receive homeopathic remedies of quality and integrity  backed by expert advice.

Remedia Homeopathy (top of page)

Remedia Homeopathy stands for 250 years of the art of healing. What began in 1760 as a small family pharmacy, is today an ultra modern undertaking with forty employees.  The production of highly effective medicines, made using our own formulas, the constant striving for the new and improved, the love of science and research, have all left their mark on Remedia over the centuries.

Blessed Maine Herb Farm (top of page)

Our farm is located on a beautiful ridge-top in rural Maine and we grow over an acre of medicinal herbs, flowers and vegetables. We offer herb products of impeccable quality, made with the certified organic herbs we grow and wild-gather by hand. Our herb teas, bulk herbs, tinctures and compound formulas are all certified organic.  We practice simple, sustainable, natural farming methods here on our farm, with respect for the earth and all of the web of life.

Grass Dancer Vibrational Essences (top of page)

In 1998 I trained in Vibrational Essences in Alaska , USA , with the Alaskan Flower Essence Project (and was the first person in the world to qualify as a practitioner with them). I started making my own vibrational essences to enhance my therapeutic practices and was then encouraged to make the essences publicly available. Grassdancer Vibrational Essences was set up in 1999 and we now have over 100 essences in our range, which are used by customers all over the world.

Healthlines - the Flower Essence People (top of page)

At Healthlines we import, distribute, use, prescribe, teach and make essences; in fact, we’re passionate about them. Healthlines is a partnership of professional natural health therapists using essences to great effect to support our clients. Our purpose is to facilitate their availability and to ensure the growth of this divine transformational gift.  We can usually post them to you on the day we receive your order.  Practitioner enquiries welcome.

Herbalist & Alchemist (top of page)

Manufactures over 250 of the highest quality herbals extracts and herbal formulas. Our products are made from certified organic or ethically wild-crafted botanicals. Our extractions are done with certified organic pharmaceutical grade alcohol or pharmaceutical grade glycerine. All of our extracts conform to our strict quality standards.

Mountain Rose Herbs (top of page)

Since 1987, Mountain Rose Herbs has been known for its uncompromising commitment to organic agriculture and steadfast focus on the pure aesthetics and freshness of botanical products. They place an emphasis on conducting business in an ethical, responsible, clear, and ecological way; hoping to pave a medium for other blossoming green companies.   Exceptional products, prices, and customer service.

Southern Herb (top of page)

Southern Herb offers an exceptional product line of essential oils, essences (Bush Flower, Living Tree Orchid, Alaskan, Spirit-in-Nature, and Findhorn, to name a few!), books, and more.  They offer these products and supplies to holistic practitioners and qualified retailers at wholesale pricing.  I highly recommend this responsive and helpful company.

Spirit-in-Nature Essences (top of page)

Spirit-in-Nature provides flower essences for perfect well-being; we are the oldest flower essence firm in the United States.  Wonderful for people, pets, and plants.  Enjoy our on-line reference book about our essences and order directly from us or at Southern Herb via the link above.


Here in Maine

It's My Death (top of page)

It's My Death, Inc. (IMD) is a non-profit organization focused on providing holistic end-of-life care to dying people and their families.  IMD's goal is to help people confront death and dying as honestly and openly as possible.  We don't promise that it will be easy.  But we do promise it will be rewarding.

Maine Senior Guide (top of page)

Maine Senior Guide is a comprehensive free website for Maine seniors and their families.  You can search everything from assisted living communities to church groups, get information from the many library articles, find answers on the Ask Lynn and Expert Blogger posts, and submit events for the calendar.  We’re always looking for senior-related products, services and resources to include in the Maine Senior Guide database.  Please submit your information using this link.

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (top of page)

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA), formed in 1971, is the oldest and largest state organic organization in the country.

Mission: The purpose of the Association is to help farmers and gardeners: grow organic food, fiber and other crops; protect the environment; recycle natural resources; increase local food production; support rural communities; and illuminate for consumers the connection between healthful food and environmentally sound farming practices

Thunderbunny Designs (top of page)

Simple, fast, and affordable design to help you establish your business's web or Facebook presence.


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