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I am a homeopathic practitioner who completed formal foundational training in classical homeopathy through the internationally acknowledged School of Homeopathy, Devon, UK, under the direction of Misha Norland.  I received my completion certificates in the holistic study of Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology & Disease from the Alternative School, also located in Devon.  In addition to homeopathy, I use vibrational essences and energetic work with my clients.  I am an intuitive healer with a perceptive ability to help people find their way to health and well-being.

I completed a Bachelor of Science degree (Industrial Technology) from the University of Southern Maine in 1995 and retired from the United States Navy in 1996.  In 2011, I returned to school at Husson University in Bangor, Maine, and received an MS in Human Relations in December, 2013. 

My life experiences lead me to believe all things are possible. It is with this open-minded approach that I first embraced holistic alternatives in 2004. 

In January 2009 I shared a deep and profoundly healing experience with my little sister who was dying of cancer at the very young age of forty-nine.  I believe that dying is as sacred and as significant as birthing and living.  What we shared was awe inspiring albeit deeply saddening.  Together we made room for our grief and honored the final steps of her journey in an amazing way. 

Through her dying, she taught me how to live and she taught me how to die.

Please contact me for more information about holistic end-stage care and how you can be fully present for your dying loved one.



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